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We are a 2 Director Practice in the Central Belt of Scotland. Started up from scratch 8 years ago and are 3/4 of the way to making an OK living!!!


I have recently been emailing Julie Watson of the JAST partnership and they have put together a very attractive offer.


In yesterdays blog, we looked at two of the ways that telemarketing campaigns are often structured and by establishing yours differently, you can help avoid costly mistakes and discouragement.

The recent economic changes and the unknown future that looms ahead has forced us all to reassess what we are doing in business and how we can continue to grow.

A former director of Bond Partners LLP has been excluded from the ACCA after being found guilty of misconduct by recording time worked in respect of a bankruptcy which was excessive an


This is a subject that appears regularly in Any Answers.  I have attempted to collate and summarise the best tips and advice - including my own! explains Mark Lee.


Sole practitioner in accounting & tax, considering a telemarketing campaign targeting businesses in the SME sector. Can anybody recommend a good telemarketing company.


I was just following up a few reports that we have sent out and came across a voicemail message of a firm in Kent. It goes, like this:


To kickstart our practice we've engaged a telemarketing company to arrange appointments.


A while ago I asked a question about a £250,000 marketing licence as part of market research.