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Time to Pay



What is the attitude of HMRC at present re: arrears as a result of late registration for self-assessment?



How does a time to pay arrangement work?


HMRC is increasing its use of powers to seize the assets of late-paying businesses and damaging small firms, according to McGrigors


I spoke with the Business Payment Support Service a few weeks ago, on behalf of a client.


The future of HMRC’s Time to Pay scheme has been called into question today by a team of independent business advisors who claim the initiative’s survival could be under threat.


In view of HMRC hardening attitude to time to pay, has anybody's client 'forced' HMRC into a TTP arrangement?


I have a client who registered for VAT (15 months late) in September 2009 and has yet to submit a single VAT return / payment along with being behind with his SA tax.


New HMRC figures show a dramatic increase in the Time To Pay (TTP) refusal rate, alongside a drop in demand and ongoing concerns about the way the service operates.


I've just been refused a (repeat) time to pay arrangement on behalf of a client because dividends have been paid in the year.


we have some instances of clients unable to pay substantial (six figures) tax bills immediately and wish to negotiate into sensible time to pay arrangements.  currently we are unable to get past th