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Tony Margaritelli

HMRC has dropped the need for organisational identity assurance (IDA), it announced at a recent agent strategy meeting. 


When I first began these video blogs, I spoke about the issue of late CIS refunds for limited company clients. 


Inspired by my visit to Accountex, I take a look at new technologies such as apps, updates to cloud accounting and live bank feeds. 

HMRC's Digital strategy is making some headway, with most of its exemplars in private betas. 

Auto enrolment is an upcoming area for small practitioners - which is why I decided to talk this week about the opportunities that it may throw up. 


This week I take a look at the recent case of Ross v HMRC


In this week's video blog, I talk about the announcement in Budget 2014 that would allow HMRC to have direct access to taxpayer’s bank accounts to recover financial assets to settle of outstanding


It's March - that time of year when practices may be spring cleaning and thinking of things like continuous professional development/education (CPD/E).

In this week's video blog, I discuss best practice for GPs, including when to seek specialist advice and what potential troublespots and pitfalls exist for practitioners.


This week, I discuss fee protection - how it's sold in the UK, what the benefits are to having it and why claims are rising.