transfer pricing

The European Commission has launched an investigation into the transfer pric

my client has moved permanently to Singapore where she has set up new company and will be non resident under the new SRT.


Marks & Spencer has won a tax case in the UK Supreme Court as it became the most recent large company to be criticised for its tax arrangements.

HMRC emerged as the Chancellor’s pet department in the Autumn Statement.


Anger over how Starbucks reportedly paid just £8.6m in taxes on £3bn+ UK income since 1998 has re-ignited debate about multinationals’ transfer pricing transactions.


HMRC is taking slightly longer to settle some enquiries into transfer-pricing, new figures show.

Cloud computing doesn’t just pose a challenge to IT managers.

Our client is a Congelese registered company but which is managed and controlled in the UK, and therefore subject to UK tax.

The owner of the private limited company that I work for has recently started up a new venture.