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I need advice for a UK resident client who will be receiving income from an Australian family trust. I am more than happy to pay for advice but quotes so far have come in at around £400 per hour.

My clients have a family trust for the now adult grandchildren, who are to receive everything absolutely at 25.  They are now in their early twenties, so all have full capacity and the beneficiarie


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Simple question on trusts.

Can a company be a trust beneficiary?

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The saga continues .....

I have recently received the accounts & R185 for 2012/13. Every time I get documentation from the solicitors it raises further questions!



I have a client wishing to invest around £7k for a grandchild to mature when the child reaches 18, and be untouchable by parents and taxman in the interim i.e.


I have just met (and signed up) an elderly lady, who has trust income.



A settled trust is about to sell a property asset and therefore the trust will be liable to pay CGT.


Upon exchange of contracts on a residential property, is it possible to immediately put that property into a trust with a small deposit (normally very small %), pay the balance to the Vendor from t


There is a common misconception that accountants sell their time and that this is what clients are buying from them.


Client has set up discretionary trust for education of grandchildren. Source of funds was money left to client but was diverted to this trust by deed of variation.