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Six beneficiaries of a trust, five have an interest in possession, payments to the sixth are discretionary as he was a minor.


A Main Residence Nil Rate Band will be introduced from April 2017, thereby effectively raising the Inheritance Tax threshold for homeowners to £850,000 for married couples or civil partners, rising

I had always thought that a trustee must not waive a company dividend.


My father did his national service in


A trust holds shares long term in a property investment company via a 100% interest in holdco.  Clearly no BPR at present.


I need advice for a UK resident client who will be receiving income from an Australian family trust. I am more than happy to pay for advice but quotes so far have come in at around £400 per hour.

My clients have a family trust for the now adult grandchildren, who are to receive everything absolutely at 25.  They are now in their early twenties, so all have full capacity and the beneficiarie


Hi Members,

Simple question on trusts.

Can a company be a trust beneficiary?

Many Thanks.


The saga continues .....

I have recently received the accounts & R185 for 2012/13. Every time I get documentation from the solicitors it raises further questions!