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I have started acting for a client who is trustee of a discretionary will trust set up by his father for the benefit of the grandchildren.


We use Digita but it doesn't have this feature. Wealthworks was suggested but their software starts at £5000!

Does anyone know of any other suppliers please?


We think it fair to say that when the IT resources are handed out that the Private Client department in a lot of firms comes somewhere near the bottom! Not critical, is a typical comment we hear.

I have a rather unusual scenario concerning an interest in possession trust.


Can anyone outline the legal requirements for placing a single dwellinghouse into a discretionary trust for the settlors children?


Trustees can only unwind mistakes that result in more tax being paid than expected if the trustee acted in breach of trust, the Supreme Court has ruled.

A specialist tax barrister recently lost a first tier tribunal appeal against HMRC’s decision not to allow him to claim tax relief on a £475,000 loss on an avoidance scheme of his own devising.