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I might be doing something wrong but the current fashion for networking is bringing me no business but lots of unwanted interest.


With AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Awards now in full swing (only four days left to sign up!), we


Let me start with a request. Please don’t bother to read this if you have already made up your mind that Twitter is not for you.


We've noticed so many accountants getting to grips with Twitter lately, plus a surge in accounts from other areas of interest. 


First of all the person at HMRC who suggested taxpayers use Twitter to contact them because they can’t get through on the phone: Something which sounds to me like


HMRC's use of a Twitter account to answer some taxpayers' general tax queries has come under fire from MPs. 


Whether or not you are active on twitter, you must have been tempted. Mark Lee asks whether it is a waste of time or can you derive business benefits?


Building your business reputation through Twitter may feel like a daunting process, especially if you have not tweeted before, says Stephen Hagues of Retiring Acco

A quick look at what accountants are posting on Twitter can provide a great insight into why many think social media marketing is a waste of time.


Mark Lee explains how you can get the best from social media by sharing some personal related material, but not too much.