I started my software company 6 months ago and have been using contractors that charge me VAT.

We haven't generated enough revenue in this period to charge VAT on our sales.


Hi Guys

If a subsidiary is involved with sale of intellectual assets to its parent, is the transaction vatable?


Apologies if this is a silly question but it is Friday evening and I can't think straight.


Four men from London have been jailed for a cumulative total of 20 years after HMRC discovered they had stolen £4m in VAT and

It’s the day after the pre-election Budget and news headlines this morning cover EU VAT exemptions, the Swiss tax scandal and moves towards a common reporting standard.


We weren’t expecting any big announcements on VAT this month, and there weren’t any in the Chancellor’s speech today.




HMRC are pretty clear concerning Electronic Invoices.



HMRC has not returned disputed VAT paid by travel companies despite losing a key court case last year, a tax expert has said.