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HMRC has changed its policy on reclaiming VAT on defined benefit pension fund management costs, according to a

HMRC has won an appeal that multi-player terminals now fall within the legal definition of a gaming machine.


HMRC is examining the scope for bringing trading in virtual currencies such as bitcoins into line with the VAT treatment for normal currencies.

I have a new client who has not registered for VAT and has been trading for 10 years in excess of the registration threshold.  As far as I am aware the statute of limitations does not apply to Gove


Hi - sure this has been asked 20 times but, dashing about.  Client visits German, pays expenses and bits & pieces carrying German VAT.


Have hacked my way into the VAT advice line yesterday, I was told that all I needed to do in place of the paper VAT 1 and VAT 68 was to apply for VAT regn online as agent for Ltd co. (Client now so


Golf clubs around the UK got an extra present just before Christmas when the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that


A belly dance teacher must repay more than £50,000 in VAT, after she


I am often involved in advising on deregistration. Like registration for VAT, it is best planned, not guessed. And, like registration, it can trigger expensive errors.

Businesses should be making preparations for changes to EU VAT on business to consumer supplies of e-services, broadcasting and telecoms, according to Debra Dougal, VAT partner at Haslers.