My company based in UK (not registered for VAT) getting royalty (jewellery designs, illustrations, video, audio) from EU based company, who registered for VAT.


A huge number of VAT and Tax penalties are issued and appealed each year. Few of the decisions raise any significant point of wider significance. But, Total Technology (Engineering) Ltd.

A Bristol businessman involved in a £156m VAT fraud wants to return to the UK and face his prison sentence after nearly 10 years on the run.


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I have come across an issue for a local farmer (not a client) who rents out some storage in a couple of outbuildings. The farm and the tenants are VAT registered.


I have a client who sells franchises for sports coaching.  His income is in 2 forms.   A lump sum to allow coach to use the name and to provide info and equipment to start them off.  Then a % of th


The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was fined more than half a million pounds for owing HMRC £4m in VAT.

The fraud watchdog used to reclaim VAT on legal fees and some specialist staff.


A first tier tax tribunal in Edinburgh has ruled ‘snowballs’ should be classed as cakes and therefore be zero-rated for VAT.


A film fraudster has been jailed for three years and eight months after cheating the public revenue of £1.6m in VAT. 


Baker Tilly’s David Wilson warned that the UK’s muti-rate VAT regime will come under pressure at the European summit t


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My old firm bought out a retiring practice and I was very surprised by the VAT set up.