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All premises expenses and salaries have been processed through company A but during preparation of year-end accounts client has now decided that some of the costs need to be re-charged to company B


A European Court decision has been decided, and remains somewhat ‘under the radar.’ This concerns the VAT treatment of an individual generating electricity and then selling it onto the national gri

I have just assisted a client to do an online registration as he expects to exceed the threshhold within 30 days.


I have a client who using a small van for his business, as a sole trader, he had to get a new van and could only get HP in his wife's name, so the van and finance are both in her name, who is nothi


I am seeing that HMRC Officers routinely check the operation of the Bad Debt Relief rules. In recent months, I have come across a number of businesses who have been assessed for errors made.

An IT consultant issues the client self billing system to raise invoices.  Unfortunately due to various reasons (due to no fault of the consultant) invoice has not been raised for six months.  VAT


Evening all.

Recently taken on a client who runs a gym and has been doing so since September 2012, and has only now decided that he needs an accountant now.


Services offered to UK Company by Indian Company - VAT Applicable?

Company A (our firm) is a Private Limited Recruitment Firm in India. Company B (client) is a UK VAT registered company.


I understand you can claim vat on for last 4years vat on goods and last 6 months on service.
Does this mean the sales invoices need to re issued with vat number after registered.


Need advices please to ensure I am doing the right thing!

Can someone please tell me what forms I need from Companies House and HMRC for Authorising Agent to act on behalf of my client.