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Two pharmacists who lied about exporting life-saving cancer and HIV medicines to Nigeria have been jailed for six and a half years for fraudulently claiming £300,000 in VAT repayments.

We are hoping to de-register from VAT Spring time-ish next year as we are reducing the number of our guest bedrooms (and selling a self catering cottage!) and therefore our T/O will drop significan


Andrew Goodall’s third AccountingWEB article summarising the key measures in Finance Act 2014

Kensington and Chelsea council in London has won an appeal to claim nearly £600,000 in VAT.

I recently prepared my first VAT invoice that was NOT on the flat rate scheme.

I want to confirm though that I am using some of the correct figures. 



For a sale of services where the supplier is a UK small company and the customer is a large company in another EU country, the customer's accountants have told us that they will pay the VAT in thei


Can anyone say for sure if VAT registration is required for a supplier in the following situation:

Supplier: UK Ltd. company (No VAT number)



I have a question regarding the VAT tax point for consignment stock.



As a business should we charge VAT on printing costs to a client.


Telephone filing for VAT returns can now be approved as an alternative for businesses who can prove to HMRC they cannot file them online.