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A first tier tax tribunal in Edinburgh has ruled ‘snowballs’ should be classed as cakes and therefore be zero-rated for VAT.


A film fraudster has been jailed for three years and eight months after cheating the public revenue of £1.6m in VAT. 


Baker Tilly’s David Wilson warned that the UK’s muti-rate VAT regime will come under pressure at the European summit t


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My old firm bought out a retiring practice and I was very surprised by the VAT set up.



A small Scottish golf club has won an appeal for a refund of VAT that was erroneously charged on an annual fee to an adjoining golf club.


Tax manager Brian Gooch bagged chocolates and port, while this week after bagging the prizes in the first round of the Tax Trivia quiz posted on AccountingWEB by

Gym membership fees which are paid late after a member has been barred from the gym are part of a service and subject to VAT, the Court of Appeal has


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Recently taken on a new client who runs a training academy and, in the same building also has a function room with a bar.


Is there a practice out there local to the Hope Valley, Bakewell or Chesterfield that can advise a small community group charity on VAT issues including on buildings?