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A client has asked me to advise an American artist who has had to register for UK VAT because although he's domiciled in US, he shows work over here.


Fuel cards are provided to directors and are included on their P11d's. The question I have is should VAT be included in the figure, even if it could be subsequently recovered by the employer?


An Essex accountant was jailed last week after being found guilty of claiming £340,000 in fraudulent VAT repayments.


A Norwich lapdancing club has lost a legal appeal for some of its services to be exempt from VAT.


I wonder if someone could help please. On of our clients (we are Ltd company) went into liquidation in Jan 2014 owing us over £150K.


A museum dedicated to the life and work of the late author Roald Dahl has won a partial victory over HMRC in a dispute over VAT.

I just want to check that my understanding of the following is the correct one:


Hi All

I have a UK based recruitment agency company providing temporary labour, mostly to other UK Companies on which it charges VAT.


A consortium featuring former England footballer Danny Mills has acquired West Cornwall Pasty Company after the firm collapsed into administration on Friday.


Value Added Tax, or VAT, was first introduced to the UK in 1973, shortly after the country joined the European Union (EU), and replaced Purchase Tax, which had different rates according to the ‘lux