It has never been more important to keep good VAT records, with HMRC vowing to scrutinise the tax affairs of those who have payments outstanding after 28 February.


As the Public Accounts Committee has recently heard, the current VAT rules allow large corporations to (legally) minimise their VAT bill and it is is perhaps somewhat surprising that this state of


Hello my company is VAT registered in a number of EU countries and we're looking to check the wording we use on the invoices indicating we are using the reverse charge mechanism is correct.


VAT on online Sales (Do i include non EU sales towards VAT threshold?).


HMRC pressed the start button on machine games duty (MGD) on 1 February, as the new tax regime came into force.


We have a client who is buying pub premises, and the seller is operating as a pub at the moment.

As far as everyone is aware there is not an Option to Tax on the building.


Revenue & Customs Brief 02/13 was issued on 22 January 2013 and confirms HMRC have changed their view on whether rooms hired out by hotels and similar establishments are VAT exempt (without an

I recently took over book-keeping for a client who had previously partially converted a property to residential.  The owner previously opted to tax the property and it was let as a commerical premi


A UK client supplies goods to a UK customer. The goods are bought from China and are delivered to an address in China.




I am hoping someone can help clarify the best way of accounting for these transactions.