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The trial this spring of celebrity PR Richard Hillgrove at Bristol Crown Court on two counts of


My company is an importer of goods from the far east.


My client has the opportunity to purchase an old office building and they intend to convert to flats.


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We are buying some boots which are popular for school.  The supplier starts them from a kids size 2 which is technically a womens size 2 but can also be classed as kids.


Accountants will be familiar with the phrase commonly used by some clients “my friend down the pubs says…”


An engineering business has won an appeal against HMRC after it disputed the legality of official guidance on the VAT flat-rate 


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I can't seem to find any specific reference on or other sources as to how one measures turnover for the purposes of VAT late payment penalties. 


My company is an importer of goods from the far east.


A Tribunal decision was released late last year which widens the type of situation where HMRC issue estimated assessments, instead of itemising individual errors in relation to particular supplies.

HMRC has applied to the upper tribunal to put an appeal for golf club VAT rebates on hold until 18 July, until it decides whether to argue unjust enrichment.