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Most of my clients seem to have changed PAYE Accounts Office office from Shipley to Cumbernauld from April 2014, so is this HMRC's way of ensuring that we stop using their prepaid envelopes to send


The VAT exemption for education extends to the supply of goods and services closely related to the main supply. This is an important issue, and can sometimes cause confusion.

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Please could someone explain to me the reporting required for the following transaction for a UK based VAT registered company in terms of VAT box 7 and 9 and intrastat?


A high court judge has ruled in favour of Littlewoods in a long-running tax dispute with HMRC dating back more than 30 years.




E- Commerce.

I have a couple of clients who sell from the UK to Europe and elsewhere via their own website and the usual other channels eg Ebay, Amazon etc.


I am about to leave the flat rate scheme on the 1st April. 


We are a UK registered company but the operational arm is based in China. We provide school trips and backpacker trips in China to UK students, schools and young people. we also sell worldwide.


A customer has claimed they are entitled to a VAT refund through VAT Notice 742 June 2012. 


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Came across really strange thing. A media company charged us 23% VAT with PLN rate which stands for Polish Rate.