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Client called and said "I've got a stupid question, when I pay for stuff (software and downloads) from the US, do I have to mention it in the box down the bottom on My VAT return?"


The recent tribunal case of Taste of Thai Ltd (TC2721) dealt with a penalty for late VAT registration; specifically when the VAT became due for the purposes of calculating the penalty rate.


I've come across some software (mentioning no names) which prepares VAT returns as part of its functionality.


UK VAT Registered Client, has an online User generated content platform (UGC) with worldwide user base .


I have a client who sells online discount vouchers (i.e. groupon type platform) on behalf of other people. My client collects the sales and charge 50% commission to the 3rd party.


If a profit and loss is drawn up with all figures including the VAT within them (Gross), then would any VAT liability be shown as a separate expense or would it not as it is already accounted for w


I am trying to get my head round the rules for EC Sales Lists.


Business splitting is a perennial issue.


A longer break than usual between blog posts – a lovely holiday in Ireland, followed by a particularly busy summer. Hopefully I will be doing some more writing again soon!