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My hairdresser has run her salon for nearly 30 years, but has decided to sell-up as she can't cope with the hassle of RTI and the impending auto-enrolment for pensions.


HMRC has been refused permission to appeal in its £80m VAT battle against Spot the Ball owners Sportech.

My firm's (I should probably say "The firm's" as it is in no way mine at this point in time but anyway..) client is a self employed consultant who has for the last seven months been providing consu


HMRC has published more tips on how to reduce errors in tax returns.


I've always worked for VAT registered companies, some part exempt.


I'm using Xero, and having trouble figuring out how to correctly code VAT.

I have three types of bills I regularly pay:


Mobile phone trader CCA Distribution Limited has been thrown a lifeline after winning a legal appeal against HMRC’s decision to withhold VAT re-payments worth about £10m.


A Dundee businessman, who pleaded guilty to using seven aliases to commit a £166,000 VAT fraud, has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after an investigation by HMRC.

My client has set up another company after previous one went in to liquidation. The new company is basically carrying on the same business.