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Investors may have to pay higher charges and financial advisers may have to do more paperwork if HMRC decides to extend VAT to providers of online “platform” services used by investors.


Nine men who pretended to be butchers, then made fraudulent VAT refund claims of £1m by faking invoices, have been sentenced after an investigation by HMRC.


If a business is in its first year of registration for VAT and it is preparing an annual return and it discovers that it is more beneficial to the business to change to the flat rate scheme, can it


HMRC’s application to appeal a £2.4m VAT refund to mobile phone trading companies Unistar Group and Unistar Trading has been rejected.


Lawyers for Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay have returned to the High Court to pursue the final chapter of their six-year battle to extract a £1bn VAT settleme


With the change of Tribunal rules a few years ago, the automatic right to costs in the event of a successful Appeal was abolished.

We have a purchase with VAt claimed, and the next quarter the purchase is returned.


HMRC investigations into VAT avoidance by the UK’s largest businesses have resulted in record extra tax income over the past year, according to law firm Pinsent Masons.

HMRC has announced two new taskforces for Scotland and Northern Ireland, which will deal with fraudulent VAT reclaims.