I have a limited by guarantee charity client whom in the next 12months is undertaking a project to construct a hospice, the client and other advisers have raised the issue of input vat on build cos


we are planning to sell goods (books and courses) and services to the UK.


I know what the legislation says, but there seem to have been so many U-Turns and 'oh but not that's' I have lost track how we are interpreting it.


HMRC will target up to 50,000 businesses that have failed to submit VAT returns with warnings that their tax affairs will be closely scrutinised.

The news this week that Subway had been granted leave to appeal against the previous decision that their toasted sandwiches and meatball marinara subs highlighted again how difficult it is to work

The epic tribunal case between Atlantic Electronics and HMRC over withheld VAT repayments took another twist in December, when an upper tribunal judge split his decision between the two parties has become the latest victim in the shifting retail market


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HMRC recently altered its rules for transfers of going concerns (TOGC) covering VAT on ass


The VAT Repayment Supplement (RS) ‘punishes’ H M Revenue & Customs when they fail to process or action a Repayment Return in a timely fashion.