An owner of a takeaway food business has lost an appeal against a VAT bill, reports Nick Huber.


Does anyone know how to set up a direct debit for VAT on the HMRC portal? I seem to remember it offered you the option when you went to complete a VAT return, but now I cannot see it.


The right of UK sports clubs not to charge VAT on fees for non-members will have to be decided by the European Court of Justice following a referral from a upper tier tax tribunal.


I have an existing limited company client selling standard rated goods but under the threshold at mo. (t/o [£80k] £30k - see comments below).




former book keeper has put mortgage (capital and repayment) and bank charges into box 7




Some of my colleagues are increasingly using well know web sites to book their hotel rooms.  They think they are getting a bargain deal.


This article highlights a risk area where a UK taxpayer buys services from a supplier based elsewhere in the EU. The problem is growing, and HMRC have issued assessments and penalties.


I have been trying to work out the de minimis rules for VAT.

I have read the HMRC notice and I think I understand what it means.


Client ordered a Kindle from Amazon and asked for a valid VAT invoice as the Kindle will be used for business purposes.

 Amazon replied:


I have just received all of my new clients paperwork and after going through it all he has at the least turned over £754 above the VAT registration threshold or at the most £2,184 above the thresho