A 15-strong criminal gang, who attempted to defraud more than £176m in VAT through complex mobile phone trading scams,


The European Commission may take 

The upper tier tax tribunal has upheld the principle that companies caught up in missing trader fraud can be liable for VAT penalties.

I have a client who is an interior designer who I have just taken on. On reviewing her VAT affairs I have noticed that she is registered for VAT.


I wanted to register as a VAT agent for a client.


I produced an article for another site, providing a template for a taxpayer to represent himself at Tribunal.

A criminal gang who carried out a £38m VAT fraud in the carbon trading market through a chain of fraudulent trades has been jailed for a total of 35 years at Southwark Crown Court.

Politicians have fed the avoidance mentality by offering a lower tax burden ‘if you vote for us.’ In contrast, social responsibility means we are all willing to pay our share, so as to provide publ