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New client is a 2 director shareholder company (no other employees).   Company has been paying for external gym membership for just one of the directors.


The Tribunal has heard yet another case where the taxpayer provided a ‘basket’ of supplies, and had to unpick the arrangements to determine exactly what was being supplied.

I rang ATT, my esteemed association, for help this morning.


An actor from the USA worked in the UK last year for 6 months, foreign entertainers unit (FEU) tax has been deducted at source.



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Would love to hear some opinions on whether sales of services to a US business, have to be included in FRS..

Here's what I have found...


The First Tier Tribunal heard an Applications Hearing in the case of Pertemps Ltd.  The substantive Appeal concerns the correct tax treatment of Salary Sacrifice Scheme, affecting both Dir

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Firstly - don't be put off if you have no experience on accounting for caravan sales as this is a broad margin scheme query not at all specific to caravans



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I have come across an unfamiliar situation regarding VAT registration that I was hoping to get advice on.


Following the publication of the EU Commission's newly released internal market strategy, the chartered institute of taxation (CIOT) has set policymakers six challenges to create a simpler VAT