We are a UK registered company but the operational arm is based in China. We provide school trips and backpacker trips in China to UK students, schools and young people. we also sell worldwide.


A customer has claimed they are entitled to a VAT refund through VAT Notice 742 June 2012. 


HI guys,

Came across really strange thing. A media company charged us 23% VAT with PLN rate which stands for Polish Rate.


I have a property owned by a local authority which is being sold.  The purchaser intends to convert this property into dwellings.  They have supplied a VAT1614D.


HM Revenue & Customs have won a significant Upper Tier decision relating to the VAT Repayment Supplement.

My client is a residential developer and until recently has concentrated on the construction and sale of new build houses.


A retail client recently received a rebate cheque from a supplier, payable as a result of meeting a purchase target.


HMRC has announced it will remove the 20% VAT currently levied on the virtual currency Bitcoin, after