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First of all I'll just clarify that I do not work in the accountancy trade, although I had some training in the field at the beginning of my career.


Hi, I have question.

My company (non-EU plant company) is now trying to register VAT purpose in UK.

My 2 questions are


Neil Warren just loves the VAT flat rate scheme – or, FRS as it’s known to its friends. He can talk about it all day long, unless Manchester United FC is playing, which trumps even the FRS.


The question of whether the supplies of an insurance intermediary are exempt or taxable is a ‘hardy perennial.’ The scope and complexity of the insurance sector, with numerous related service provi

I've tried to refresh my memory by reading IAS 17 but could someone please confirm if the below initial recognition is correct for a Finance Lease / Hire Purchase Agreement being paid over 60 month


Neil Warren explains how property management companies can avoid a VAT nightmare by learning lessons from a recent case.


Following the introduction of new EU VAT rules on digital services, tax authorities across the globe have begun to implement similar schemes.

A friend of mine loves yachting, however it is quite expansive hobby.


Company provides services to properties and charges VAT.