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My employer has contracted with an umbrella company which provides us with resources, some of whom are on PAYE with the umbrella company.


I own 50% of an advertising magazine business (Company A). We are an LLP running two magazines.

I have a friend who is a sole trader running another magazine (Company B).


The Supreme Court has refused permission for a Subway franchisee to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision to reject a plea concerning a previous Upper Tier Tribunal decision that heated food pr


The new VAT MOSS rules coming into force from 1 January 2015 have been the subject of controversy among small businesses over the last few weeks.


My client recently started a travel business selling travel tickets, holiday package. He is basically reseller making his money in the margin.


Rebecca Cave believes that many micro businesses are worrying unnecessarily about the VAT implications of supplying e-services to overseas customers, as they could avoid falling within the new


Tax lecturer Paul Soper outlines the 1 January changes in detail below, after a recent HMRC 'clarification' on the VAT MOSS.


I have a client sells electronic services over the internet. These sell to UK, EU and non-EU customers.