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I was wondering if anyone is aware of any groups that meet in person on either a regular or irregular basis to discuss VAT issues affecting Law Firms in particular?


The same property investment company, about which I asked a question last week, but a different topic.


During 2014, perhaps the question I have been asked most often is how a taxable person using the FRS (Flat Rate Scheme) has to treat cross-border supplies.


Looking at the 30 day rule for VAT (13 (5) vat regs 1995) and trying to interpret.  Where a law firm supplies it services on say, litigious matters it is classed as a continuous supply.


I have just registered client for VAT from 1 Jan. I told him this is in case HMRC take weeks, which could cause him problems with clients if he has to invoice before he gets the VAT number.


We have been instructed by the insurer to act on behalf of the insured parties.


Could someone confirm for me that the ability to reclaim VAT on stock and assets on hand at date of VAT registration (under flat rate), also applies to services in the previous six months?


A Tribunal decision has provided further evidence of the difficulties that HMRC find in monitoring taxpayers’ use of the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS), and how they handle situations when there is an appa



I have a VAT registered business I help and they have sold a tractor via an auction.