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VAT registered client is selling a company van which is obviously going to attract VAT.


Several AccountingWEB members have reported lengthy delays in getting some clients VAT registered by HMRC.



My company based in UK (not registered for VAT) getting royalty (jewellery designs, illustrations, video, audio) from EU based company, who registered for VAT.


A huge number of VAT and Tax penalties are issued and appealed each year. Few of the decisions raise any significant point of wider significance. But, Total Technology (Engineering) Ltd.

A Bristol businessman involved in a £156m VAT fraud wants to return to the UK and face his prison sentence after nearly 10 years on the run.


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I have come across an issue for a local farmer (not a client) who rents out some storage in a couple of outbuildings. The farm and the tenants are VAT registered.


I have a client who sells franchises for sports coaching.  His income is in 2 forms.   A lump sum to allow coach to use the name and to provide info and equipment to start them off.  Then a % of th


The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was fined more than half a million pounds for owing HMRC £4m in VAT.

The fraud watchdog used to reclaim VAT on legal fees and some specialist staff.


A first tier tax tribunal in Edinburgh has ruled ‘snowballs’ should be classed as cakes and therefore be zero-rated for VAT.