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Hi all,

We have received an invoice for a marketing conference in Germany with German VAT on it and I was wondering what is the best to go about recording this in Sage.


Representatives from all EU finance ministries were at the Fiscalis conference in Dublin last week to discuss the implementation of the new EU VAT rules, and how they have been working since th


I am AAT Member in Practice, same time mum of small children working part time from home for few local business, mostly friends and charities.



I have a client who owns two caravan parks next to each other

One is ran through his sole trade, the other a limited company, he's the sole owner of both


The ‘proportionality’ argument has been raised in a number of Tax Tribunal cases. The most recent Upper Tier decision was that of Trinity Mirror plc.

A is a self employed IFA engaged exclusively by a firm of financial advisers Indie Limited


Commentators agree that VAT cannot be considered a simple tax. (The phrase comes from the Budget Speech of Sir Anthony Barber in 1972.) Errors are frequent.

I have recently started working for a company where the accounts/VAT/PAYE/penisons etc. is a bit of a mess. I am managing to sort most of it, but struggling with a bit with the VAT.


Small businesses are meeting European Commission officials in Dublin today (7 September) to lobby for changes to the VAT rules on the supply of digital products in the European Union.


The client has erroneously been using FRS when they should have been using the standard method.