I have a client who has waited 2 months for a repayment of their VAT due despite several phone calls to HMRC on the subject.


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I have checked my VAT Account online, and I'm just wondering if our VAT repayment has been paid.


In the "At a Glance" section of the VAT site clients can see payments of vat they have made.



I’m a VAT registered sole trader using Sage Instant, on standard VAT.  My question concerns accounting for the VAT on “stock taken for personal use”. 


Does anyone know of a way to bypass the long recorded messages on the VAT helpline and get to speak to someone directly?


HMRC has changed its policy on reclaiming VAT on defined benefit pension fund management costs, according to a

HMRC has won an appeal that multi-player terminals now fall within the legal definition of a gaming machine.


HMRC is examining the scope for bringing trading in virtual currencies such as bitcoins into line with the VAT treatment for normal currencies.

I have a new client who has not registered for VAT and has been trading for 10 years in excess of the registration threshold.  As far as I am aware the statute of limitations does not apply to Gove