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Vince Cable

The taxpayer may have to pay up to £50m on compensating workers made redundant incorrectly during insolvencies managed by Deloitte.


Business secretary Vince Cable has warned top firms to exercise caution on executive pay to restore public trust, but it this just hot air?


A flurry of activity in the alternative finance world saw the emergence of a new portal, alternativebus

Some early morning algebra for Vince Cable and his cronies , themselves immigrants from Cloud Cuckoo Land .  I have never been a great fan of minimum wage legislation as it prevents many SMEs , esp


A government business adviser has accused banks of displaying disturbing patterns of behaviour towards small businesses which impede lending.


The first phase of the government’s business bank is officially open, with £300m in funding for small and medium sized businesses.


Vince Cable has called for the Bank of England to conduct a review of its flagship £80bn lending scheme over fears that it is failing to improve the flow of fundin


Workers will face a cut in how much they can claim for unfair dismissal at employment tribunals under a series of proposals announced by business secretary Vince Cable.

So the Liberals are upsetting the Tories and rocking the marriage with Vince Cable's comments about hiring and firing culture.


Vince Cable has suggested splitting up the Royal Bank of Scotland and turning it into a new "British business bank", as revealed in a letter