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David Ringstrom says that building complex spreadsheets without using VLOOKUP is like putting a screw in the wall with a hammer.


I wonder if you can help me.

I'm trying to create a semi-auto workbook for a charity.


It all started when spreadsheet guide Bill Jelen (aka MrExcel) declared that 25-31 March would be VLOOKUP Week.


Excel’s VLOOKUP function is probably second only to pivot tables in popularity for management reporting and accounting users. Simon Hurst looks into its potential applications.


Last month, David H Ringstrom discussed ways in which Excel formulae using SUM functions could be extended by using multiple criteria.


Anyone working with accounts data will know the soul-destroying tedium of standardising and cleaning data imports so that you can use them for pivot tables, analysis and Vlookups.

Reference ABCDE_____D_____£300.00

Reference ABCDE_____F_____£400.00

PROBLEM: My LOOKUP function is looking for ABCDE and returing £300.00 instead of £400.00. 


Simon Hurst explains how to use the new Excel 2007 function to streamline error-checking in your spreadsheets.


David Carter’s series of Five Minute Tips aims to develop your skill at using Excel pivot tables.