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Looking back at the responses from 1,000 accountants in our Xero-sponsored tax season survey, John Stokdyk draws out suggestions for improvements that are likely to have the most impact.


Evidence from our Xero-sponsored tax season survey suggests that the January workload peak ran more smoothly for some accountancy firms, thanks to their efforts to improve client communication and

Collaborative web portals are now becoming an accepted feature of accountancy practice.


With the passing of the self assessment deadline last Friday, AccountingWEB members are already tidying away the tax detritus and considering their priorities fo

Reports are coming through of a return of the highly lucrative bogus tax refund scam.


However many reminders we sent out during the year the numbers of clients bringing papers in at the last minute (any time after Christmas) was far too many.


With self assessment season out of the way for a few months at least, February's time to take a breather and reflect on the tax return whirlwind that just passed.


Like a marathoner taking his last gruelling paces toward the finish line, the end of self assessment season beckons tonight with its 12pm deadline.


So as the last self assessment tax form fires over from your computer to land on HMRC's side of the fence - what to do now?

1. Tidy office   :)


AccountingWEB is gearing up for the end of self assessment season alongside the practitioners that are currently dealing with it - and we want your insights from the front line.