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Seven out of ten accountants remain uncertain about iXBRL, according to a recent survey.


VT Software will shortly be making VT Fact Viewer available as a free download.


Sage's Simon Taylor explores what practices should be doing to prepare for iXBRL.


What do the changes to electronic filing on corporation tax mean for accountants, their clients and software providers? Sage’s Andy Laver explains.

The proposed changes in online filing rules for Corporation Tax are also causing accountants who develop their own accounts production tools to think again.


Concerned AccountingWEB.co.uk members and tax/practice software developers have been wrestling with the implications of HMRC’s plans to make electronic filing of Corporation Tax mandatory from


Best of 09 WinnerJust had a leaflet from HMRC stating XBRL format will eventually replace PDF.


HMRC has started to prepare for Corporation tax to move to mandatory online filing, which is due to commence in 2011.


At an open meeting on Wednesday 14 May, the US Securities and Exchange Commission set out a staff recommendation that companies should submit their accounts electronically using XBRL, the eXtensibl


There's a new trend emerging in the world of social, economic and technology clairvoyance with several commentators owning up to where they were right and wrong in their predictions for the year ju