It’s for charity

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I go out of my way and avoid doing business with those who attempt to show how ethical they are by promising X amount or percentage of their sales to charity.

Isn’t this just a backdoor marketing ploy under the banner we are nice people? What is it  that they are trying to imply? I care about this world? Rubbish! Do they think people have such a low level of intelligence that they would buy into this?

In my small office block there is a proprietor who is promising to have his legs waxed for Comic Relief. Of course at the same time he is promoting his business with his bright business logo on posters around the building providing information about this Comic Relief non-event.

Not only this he has invited people to watch his legs being waxed. This is some people idea of GSOH! Where is the fun in seeing a man’s hairy legs being waxed? Now if there was a leggy woman having her legs waxed I would be the first in line!

It could be I am just jealous for not taking advantage of Comic Relief marketing opportunity. Are you?

What is your stupid act for Comic Relief?

Wouldn’t it be easier if we parted with our cash without being forced fed the stupidity during Comic Relief season? 


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It's worse

I have a nagging suspicion that it's not really about the business promotion or advertising possibilities.

It's that these people genuinely think that what they are doing is interesting / funny / zany / fascinating, and that everybody should be interested in it.

Which is far, far worse.

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Too true

Very good point.

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What grumpies you are

It's a bit of fun, and most importantly it raises money for charity. Does it matter how it's achieved, so long as it is voluntary?

The hairy leg waxing will be extremely painful, so it won't be much fun for the guy concerned.

We all have different ideas of 'fun'. You may not enjoy Comic Relief, but lots of people do. Do you think this makes them someone you should worry about?

I really enjoy the 'Dance for Comic Relief' and I still giggle when I think about Jo Brand's dance a few years ago. There has been quite a lot of high scorers on the fun factor.

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Not worrying. It's just a moan.

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As much of the money raised goes abroad

I won't be donating.

Many of the "charities" that receive this money pay vast "administration" costs and very little actually gets spent as it should.

Also many of the countries which receive help could help themselves if they didnt waste their wealth on space research, armaments etc.


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i didnt know you were so sexist

happy to watch a (leggy) woman's legs being waxed but not a man's , you live in London arent you metrosexual ;-)

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Sexist - No

I just love women! 

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FirstTab wrote:

I just love women! 

viva la difference, but that said, wouldn't want to watch them waxing - I prefer things as nature intended and certainly not how certain South Americans like them!

But, if you want to help why not spend a day helping out at a charity or other worthy cause and donate a days pay to them too, far more useful than sitting in a bath of baked beans, and funnier too!

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If you do genuinely love women

FirstTab wrote:

I just love women! 

just do things for them and don't expect anything in return.

Let them make any decisions and give them space.

It works.

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my turn to say


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Its carnival !

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Selfish charity

I believe in "selfish charity".

We would try to help birds that we found in distress. We bought a rabbit hutch for them (around £200) and a bird cage (around £400).

We then found out about a guy who looked after injured birds and so we took a crow to him and he got it better. He's incredible. The birds sit on his lap while he feeds them (even as soon as you bring them to him!) and they are very relaxed with him and his helpers.

We gave him the hutch and bird cage and we've given him a few hundred pounds because we know his priority is the birds. He lives in a big house but it's in a state of semi squalor because every penny is spent on the welfare of the birds.


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@ Peter ...

... isn't that for people generally, as a Christian that is how I've been brought up!

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Yes but

with women a lot of men have an ulterior motive.

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that works both ways ...

... if you are that sort of person!

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I was advising FT

whether he wants it or not!

It seems sensible to limit the discussion to those matters relevant to him.

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So was I ...

... there are a lot of women who would take advantage with dire consequence (been there, done that, got the scars!).

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Talk about being boring!

Maybe it is a bit of self-promoting on the back of the charitable act but plenty do it including multi-international companies!  Get yourself along to the leg waxing and have a laugh!  Life is too short and who knows you might even enjoy it!  I bet the majority of women in the building will be there to see how a man takes the pain of something they do regularly so who knows you may even catch the eye of some lovely lady too??

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Ethical Pretence or Actually Doing Good?

Comic Relief aside, FT says he avoids businesses who promise an amount or percentage of sales to charity because he views them as pretending to be nice and ethical. Is this a common feeling? Because whenever I give someone a quote I tell them that if they accept by a certain date I'll make a specific donation to a specific charity - I work on the basis that it spurs them on to make a decision and if I get the fees then I have more money available to give to charities that I'd support anyway. Do they think I'm warm and fluffy (certainly not for long!)? Possibly, possibly not. But if they're the sort of people that will appreciate the donation being made then they're more likely to be nice people and therefore the sort of people I want to do business with. It raises money for charity so isn't that better than me just sitting here watching my bank balance increase?

And surely watching a man having his legs waxed would be funnier than a woman? Admittedly womens' legs might be more attractive to look at afterwards but I think more people might be lining up to watch FT having his legs waxed!! I'm thinking there would be tears, wailing, shouting.....

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Viva la difference ...

... you say boring, I say I would rather watch paint dry than watch some prat have his legs waxed, I would rather pay for him not to do it!

However, if people want to watch and get enjoyment from it good for them, just not my cup of tea - give me a long walk with the dog in a quiet remote corner of the deepest countryside any day.

My view has always been the chances of finding a soulmate at an event you endure through gritted teeth are negligible (but then again, they probably are in the deepest wilds of Sussex too)!


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