Weight Watchers weigh-in Week 20

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This week’s whopper loss is a complete surprise to me. I was expecting half a pound gain or staying the same weight.

I will now try and work out why a good result was achieved:

  • Went to the gym twice this week, but I stayed no longer than half hour each time
  • Carried on cycling to the office. No extra cycling
  • Missed lunch. I just do not feel like having lunch
  • Have good meals in the evenings but no binging anymore
  • Weekend - I ate so much. No change there
  • Really missed the woman who broke off with me.

So it is a combination of factors for a good result. I was pleased to get my third Silver Seven today.

I still cannot do up my shirt collar button. I think that will take a few more weeks. It is when I am able to do this I will feel that I have achieved some weight loss.

Apologies for the brief blog I just have a lot on today.

This week’s result – Loss 3lbs (three pounds)

Total Weight loss to date:  23lbs

This week’s Weight: 12 stones 2lbs

Target Weight: 10 stones

Weight left to lose now: 30lbs


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Well done you!

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Congratulations - that's really great. I am about to embark on trying to lose a stone. I hit 40 recently and it made me assess my health. I stopped smoking and don't drink much now but I could definately do to lose the stone that has crept on since I had kids.

I have a treadmill which has been staring at me for about a year now - just have to get on it!

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Well done in giving up smoking. I know some people who found it hard to do this.

A stone is not a huge amount to lose. It would be far easier to do this compared to losing 2 or even 3 stones.

Join a weight loss group like Weight Watchers. You will meet other people and feel motivated to lose weight.

I have found keeping a blog really helps. You could also try this.

Good luck with your weight loss.

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Less of a beer belly now

I am so pleased. My normal trousers were a bit lose. So I am now in my 2" shorter (waist) jeans. They just about fitted me! Great beer belly is getting smaller!

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Brilliant conception dude! Sounds of the weight watchers weigh-in week 20 surprised me so far. I would like to say thanks for how to lose weight tips and ideas. Keep up coming posts!

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Well if you want to loose some weight so there are many methods for weight loss.But i believe that get walking in morning is great and i believe, so i think when you have decided to get health and fitness then you should get exercise regularly.

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