Election lessons for accountants

Norman Younger
Maximiti Limited
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As the election fallout trundles on I carried out my own post mortem on the lamentable performance of the Tories. It's short and sweet as you may expect from me.

What seems clear to me was that the party chose somebody to lead without conducting an in-depth analysis of whether competence in a government department would mean competence at number 10 . A bit like taking the boiler-room foreman into the bridge of a luxury liner. 

Which leads on to the observation that however repulsive and odious one may find Mr Corbyn's policies and speed-dial list, he displayed emotional intelligence and connected well with the electorate.

The lesson is clear for us beancounters. We may have some great backroom number crunchers with tremendous insight into clients' affairs but when an opening for a client-facing promotion comes up, think once, think twice and think again.



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19th Jun 2017 12:57

There is always some backroom brains behind the personable suited meeters and greeters. Warren Buffet had Charlie Munger and James Hanson had Gordon White.
Unfortunately the Conservatives were complacent about the outwardly kind and gentle Mr Corbyn and failed to engage with the electorate while Corbyn and his sinister Marxist cronies promised freebies for all.
It is quite scary to think that people who hobnob with terrorists and advocate violence to overthrow capitalism achieved such a high turnout. The Conservatives need some elector friendly people on the frontline.

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