Poets day

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October 7 – (Posted late – I found I had not hit the button on Friday).

Poets day is a term from my youth. For those who need to know what it means, please Google it. I’m not sure this is the right place for a definition.

What I do know is I need family time this weekend. I am overdue to see them after the last couple of weeks of work.

I am a big fan of work. I also believe in balance and for those who won’t get overtime for their efforts over the last fortnight I am making sure some time off in lieu can be arranged. Everyone needs to get the balance right.

The boss included. 


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polite version

Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday.

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Well that's the polite one



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When I were but a lad, trying to earn some pocket money at the local factory, the S stood for Sunday, as they still worked the traditional five and a half day week...

Cue the Yorkshiremen sketch.

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