Practice Comment by FD : Is your letter of engagement an oxymoron ?

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Everyone single one of you sends out a letter of engagement and they are pretty standard in their content. Have you ever thought about the true meaning of engaging with your clients ? One thing is for sure and it is that this seminal piece of literature you send your client does little or nothing to foster an ongoing and engaging relationship. Gone are the days when a single annual contact at "that time of the year" suffices to grow your practice . Your clients need to know at the outset that you are working to help them grow their business and not simply act as a compliance clerk. This is of course part of the value added proposition that is so pivotal to a win-win client relationship. Tell them in your letter of engagement how you are going to engage with them and let them know it will form part of the care package and that they will be paying for it . There's no better time to set out your stall - and it takes" two to tango"  .

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