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accounting software for large numbers of internet transactions

I am looking for accounting software that has a good API and can handle thousands of online internet transactions per day in an automated way

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Presumably you already have an eCommenrce site up and running. Do you mind telling us what it is based on, e.g. Magento.

I would suggest you consider the following in your research. Bear in mind these are generalisations as there seems to be as many webcarts as there are websites.

1. If you are using one of the 'free' carts and relying on their API, you might find the specification a bit 'fluid'.  I have spoken to a software house that has tried integrating with one of the leading 'free' systems. They have to revisit integration frequently due to undocumented changes in upgrades.

2. Web carts tend to be developed as free standing systems. Those with user communities will encourage add-ons and you will find people developing facilties to deliver different types of transactions or sales. e.g. Gift certificates, BOGOFs. How is your back end going to handle these transactions? Can it support all of the types that are used presently? Your customer will not he happy if they want to use a facility on the cart that cannot be handled by the backend accounting system. I have this very problem at the moment.

3. One option, assuming you do not already have a cart, is to consider a solution that has its own integrated cart. The integration will be very tight, but the ongoing development of your cart will be tied into the overall strategy for the accounting system. e.g. You might find the accounting system does not handle gift certificates and is not available on the cart.

In Conclusion

I have looked at and worked wth a product from a company called Interprise Solutions that has a fully integrated cart and very functional accounting and distribution system. They also have links to Amazon and Magento. You should take a look at it.




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Try Twinfield

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Take a look at Twinfield.  One of our UK customers is Serenata Flowers, the largest online reseller of flowers in the UK.  They integrated their web shop in to Twinfield's web service.  By using the web services (which are based on SOAP and XML), any type of data process within Twinfield can be securely accessed by external systems in order to send or receive data. Import/export paths are also provided for classic file formats such Microsoft Excel or comma separated files if you need s less sophisticated approach.  Twinfield can cope with substantial transaction rates, being used in a lot of retail and franchise environements (like McDonalds or the Phone House). It would be good to know more about what you want to do.  Please make contact and I'll see if I can find a Twinfield customer doing something similar.  Case study on Serenata here.       

David Terrar

D2C and Twinfield

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We're already doing it at Aqilla for a FX services company

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Aqilla is a highly scaleable transactional web based accounting system. Super fast performance supported running on top of Oracle's MySQL relational database. More details at

best small business accounting software - freeagent central

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I’d like to recommend a phenomenal business accounting software called freeagent central. It is a UK based online accounting software system.  I run a small business but always struggled to keep my accounts in order, often leaving it to the last minute and by that time I’d forgotten half the transactions and lost the receipts etc. Freeagent has revolutionised my accounting. It is so simple to use. It is an online accounting tool so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.  The interface is slick, quick and intuitive, far better than its competitiors like kashflow and clearbooks.  Much easier to use than sage etc.  Its language is simple and not too technical making it a doddle for people without a degree in accounts.  I run a lot of transactions through paypal, which integrates flawlessly with the system, uploading all my transactions on a nightly basis. It also allows you to upload statements from your bank.

This software is brilliant for any small business or freelancer, and has the facility to upgrade from a sole trader to a limited company easily.  The support team are excellent. I had a call in the first week to go over any queries I had with the software.  When I had an issue, the technical team worked on it and had it fixed within a day! Superb, friendly and local (based in Edinburgh) customer service.  Best of all the price is 15 pounds a month, but if you use my referral code you get 10% of this 417k1es3I also get 10% off my account and if you refer other people you will subsequently also get a further 10% off your account!  Freeagent central is remarkable, and may I say actually quite fun to use. Look no further for a small business accounts software package.

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