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A bit of Friday fun for my last day

I'd like to see you all at your best/worst/funniest/most imaginative as a parting gift from you to me and to hopefully make us all laugh.

Post your pictures! It's open to interpretation but the brief is to make us smile.

I will also play, so I'll pop off now and have a hunt for some funny/embarrassing shots of me to share with you :)

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Seems fitting

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Although it isn't a picture of me, but hopefully you'll get it!

If only

JeremyNewman | | Permalink

I could work out how to upload images - the image button points to the AWeb server, but perhaps I'm missing something.


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Uploading images    1 thanks

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Click the house picture (image icon), and upload photos to our server from your own desktop.

It might be a bit confusing to begin with, but... click the image icon > 'browse server' > Look for the 'upload' button top left and it will appear in the 'server' and then consequently in your post.

Images must be less than 2MB in size though, so watch out for that :)

Any questions/problems, let me know.

Thank you!    2 thanks

JeremyNewman | | Permalink



BKD | | Permalink

It's a Friday, and you're inviting us to behave at our worst?  :) :)

Here's a tale to send you off (reminded by a visit to the Lady Boys show):

I was on a late train home a few months ago, sitting opposite the most beautiful Thai girl I had ever seen.

Having had a few whiskies that evening, I felt things stirring, so started to tell myself, "Please don't get an erection. Please don't get an erection."

Unfortunately, she did.

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You may need this Becky - Goodbye and good luck.

Democratus | | Permalink

Democratus's picture

or perhaps you don't after Aweb!

Democratus | | Permalink

getting B***ers to behave seemed part and parcel of your day.

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An appropriate video for the occasion...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I couldn't find a Lorraine Ellison version, and while Bette Midler captures the appropriate melodrama for the occasion, her rendition was actually a bit dull. This version amused a little more:


NB: To embedd a video like this, go find the YouTube clip you want, click "Share" then "Embed" and pick up the code. Back in the comment box here, click the "Disable rich-text" link (just below the Comment box) and paste in the YouTube code. Click "Enable rich-text" and you should see an iFrame box - when you submit the comment, the video should come through OK. Please take care to keep your clips below 480 pixels wide, or they'll break the Aweb column width. You can alter the width in the embed code - but also adjust the height proporionately, unless you want to see some tall, thin videos.


PS - I wonder if we'll be hearing this at what colleagues are calling the "Beckyoke" session tonight? She's got pipes that would impress Mr Coverdale.

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#Beckyoke    1 thanks

jennyhowell | | Permalink

I can confirm that Becky does indeed have a penchant for karaoke. And she's pretty bloomin' good as well, as proved at the Sift Media summer party a few weeks ago (ah, an insight into our office entertainment).

I'm sure everyone will join me in wishing Becky every success in her new, very worthwhile career.

Keep the pics coming!

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Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Thank you John and Jenny :)

And yes, we will be trying to strike some chords tonight after a few beers.

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Singing mole

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

I know some of you know I like my caving as well as my singing now, so as I am not prepared to post any karaoke pics, here is one of me underground!


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Ok I tried to embed video but no joy -

Owain_Glyndwr | | Permalink

so I'll just post the link instead.




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Cats are brilliant!

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

That is awesome! I love the fact Onlooking Cat does nothing to help.  I also like the the way the cat comes out the box, shakes it off, and indignantly walks off screen.  I laughed out loud. And so did Henry :)

Singing mole

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Are you sure you're not a hobbit?!

Well I was going to post a picture of my dog sunbathing in a deckchair but alas it said it was too big to upload (1.7ish mb).

So best of luck & hopefully we'll see you on the X Factor sometime (if you have a good sob story that is!)


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Dogs aren't bad either!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

This one has been causing some myrth at the Brighton outpost of AccountingWEB. Since we first saw it, my partner and I seem to find a way to ask, "Meat?" at least once a day.


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While we're on the subject of dogs.

Henry Osadzinski | | Permalink

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Thank you and goodnight!

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

That's it. Game over. Behave yourselves and play nicely. I will pop back and say hello from time to time.

Thank you to all members and my colleagues for a fun 4 and a half years.

Here's to you... cheers!

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More cats

stepurhan | | Permalink

Hope you're still checking over the weekend (once the leaving party hangover has subsided)

New Simon's Cat video just posted. He really has studied how cats act.



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Sorry I missed your last day, Auntie Becky

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I was out having fun :)

You have made lots of friends on here, so please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. 

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maxxy | | Permalink

Seeya Becky and good luck :)

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Owain_Glyndwr | | Permalink

Father & son went hunting together for the first time. The father said "Stay here and be VERY QUIET. I'll be across the field.

A few minutes later the father heard a blood curdling scream & ran back to his son asking "What's wrong? I told you to be quiet."

The son answered "Look, I was quiet when the snake slithered across my feet. I was quiet when the bear breathed down my neck. But when the 2 chipmunks crawled up my trouser leg & said 'Should we eat them here or take them with us?' I panicked! 

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