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Thank you Marion - TVM

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Hardly satisfactory though ...

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... and the scrolling on the members list still linked to thread pages, not members :o)

Thank you Marion, brian, becky et al..0845 366 7855-go fo it!

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I have been reading about all the icaew members volunteering to have HMRC staff work in their tax depts for a while; it must be teaching a few lessons.


This last couple of days I have had two CALL BACKS reporting on HMRC progress with regard to my query:

a) a partner who was refused a refund because the partnerhsip was under enquiry

b) a tax return that had been received but not lodged.

in both cases I was called back /reported back to even when I didnt angrily insist on it.

maybe its using the agents number 0845 366 7855  

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