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Increases in Supplier Prices not updating in Purchase orders.


I might be doing something wrong but I've noticed that new, increased product prices aren't updating in Purchase Orders.

Suppliers, especially lately, are increasing their product prices.

When they do, I open the product record and over-type the new new, increased price.

An example:

The new price of a consumable we use, PTFE tape, is £1.88.

The old price was £1.63.

I over-typed the £1.63 with £1.88 and because we don't resell this item or get a discount, I over-typed the 3 fields in the the product record; Last Cost Price (Standard), Last Cost Price (Discounted) and Sales Price.

I then Created a new purchase order and entered the product code for the PTFE tape, and the £1.63 appeared in the purchase order.

I'm wondering why the new price isn't being shown.

Any advice appreciated.......


On a different note, does anyone know of a keyboard shortcut for a message line, M ?

When I open an S1, my keyboard keystrokes are:   S   1   and Enter.

This opens the S1 dialogue.

Currently I have to use my mouse to open up a message line and I haven't found a keyboard routine yet......




Cost Price

johndon68 | | Permalink

Amending the cost price on the Record works for me - you don't have supplier price lists set up by any chance?

As for the message line, as long as you have Active Search switched off, pressing M and then Enter brings up the message dialog.


SOLVED: Supplier Price Lists..

D_Smith | | Permalink

Thanks for replying John.

You pointed me in the right direction - I do have supplier price lists and the old price for the PTFE tape - £1.63  was recorded there.

I changed it to the new price - £1.88 and checked with a Purchase Order and the new price now appears.

In future I'll remember to change  the price in the Product Record as well as in the Supplier Price List.


About "M", could you tell me where I can turn off Active Search?

I've looked in Settings --> Configuration but don't seem to be able to find it there.


Thanks again.

Active Search

johndon68 | | Permalink

Settings -> Company Preferences -> Parameters.


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