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Introducing Cloud Advocates and Cloud Accounting for the 21C


First let me explain that this is an advert, but hopefully you'll find it useful.  I've sent the material to John Stokdyk in the hope he would write a news item about us, but the new AccountingWEB and other matters have all of his attention and so he suggested I post something here to begin with. Some of you may have noticed Richard Messik and I just started something called  This initiative is two things:

  • an association of consultants who aim to demystify the Cloud and provide pragmatic help and advice for businesses, organizations and accounting practices
  • a website that intends to be a resource for explaining the Cloud in plain English.  We explain Cloud in simple terms and focus on the business benefits.  As well as our own content, blog posts, guides and "how tos" we are building up a guide to point to the best Cloud resources available on the Internet

We have some lofty ambitions for the that resource (although we only just started so there isn't a lot there yet), which will include taking forward the SaaS apps database created 18 months ago by Dennis Howlet and bringing it up to date, before extending it. I also wanted to announce 2 other things:

  • Adrian Pearson has just joined us - that helps our collective philosophy of being vendor agnostic - I favour Twinfield, Richard favours E-conomic and Adrian is a fan of Xero - what product you choose isn't so important as getting your practice or business on to the cloud.
  • Our first event is on 22nd September in London, near King's Cross, is free, and is called Cloud Accounting for the 21st Century, with a pretty special line up.that includes Dennis Howlett, Mark Lee and Phil Wainewright - the bias is towards practices, but any business will get value from it.

The event details are here:: you can book here: So, I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions. David Terrar D2C and Cloud Advocates

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It appears to be another feature of the new AccountingWEB.  It looked OK in the editor, but scrambled on posting, and i discover that you can't edit the body text of a discussion post, only the title and the group.  

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