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Sage 50 v2012 Mobile

I've just installed and started to play with the mobile add on for v2012 and I have to say, so far, it is really rather impressive.

Configuration within Sage 50 is simplicity itself using the same login that you use for the Sage website which configures a Windows Service that runs on the PC. Downloaded the app from the Apple Store, entered the logon details and a few seconds later I could see my Sage data on the iPhone.

I'm only working with a small dataset at the moment but I've already created a customer on the phone and then a sales order. In both cases, the data appeared in Sage within a couple of seconds of the record saving on the phone and that is with a crappy 3G connection for the phone.


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Sage 50 v2012 Mobile

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I too have installed Sage 50 v2012 Mobile but onto a Blackberry Storm 2. The app is ok-ish but the navigation on the Blackberry Storm 2 is not great as I think that the app was more intended for Blackberry models that have a "joystick" rather than a touchscreen; it is easy to miss the option that you want to select or select the wrong option.

I have also found that the app only shows a few customer accounts at a time and does not allow scrolling through customers. I also tried to search for a specific customer and it did not find it: the account name was CENTRE but the app found other Customers with centre in the address etc...Perhaps I just need more practice and testing.

Fianally, it is a shame that once you have created, for example, an invoice or sales order, you are unable to choose to print it or email it for the customer. It would be ideal if you were able to print using the new Quick Print option within Sage 50 2012.

I guess the app will be amended / modified in the future, so maybe early teething issues. If anyone thinks that it's just me, then let me know and I will feel suitably chastised.


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