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Sage and small retail shop

Anyone here using Sage for a shop ? I already use Sage in another (manufacturing) business, so I am fairly familiar with it. However, I am now involved in a small family business running a pet shop. We have an EPOS till system that will generate the sales statistics, but my question is how do we handle customers in Sage. Obviously we don't set up a customer record for each person who walks into the shop. Is it just a case of treating all sales as one customer "the general public" ?

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Credit Sales Code

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Just credit the sales code directly, adjusting for VAT as necessary. You need to reconcile cash daily and If you are using a credit card machine make sure that card sales are separately identified and reconciled.

Any credit sales (if offered) should have their own customer code. If credit sales are settled through the till make sure they are separately identified also.

Post sales direct from bank module

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I use SAGE in a retail environment, and post sales (weekly totals from an Excel summary although till is balanced daily) direct to the nominal code(s) using the cash account (part of the bank module), with any cash payments out (e.g. petty cash, wages etc) also posted and net bankings shown as transfers from cash to the actual bank account when bankings are made.  Card transactions are dealt with as transfers between cash account and bank.  So, yes there are no customer records as such.


The problem maybe that using SAGE like this will only give limited MI.  All the sales analysis is on the till rolls, although I suppose that you could devise a COA and post the sales data to several nominal codes if you wanted the MI in SAGE.

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..Sage and small retail shop

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I use Sage for several retail clients

I rename the Petty Cash Bank as Till/Petty Cash and use this to record the Z reads from the till by simply posting a Receipt to the Till bank for each days sales, calculating the VAT using the F9 key (Calculate Net) as I go.

When dealing with Credit card receipts, as these are already included in the days sales, I simply do a bank transfer fron Till/Petty Cash to Current Account for the total that hit the bank that day.

Equally when recording the banking do the same transfer for the total banked.

Depends on customer base ...

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If you run customer accounts then presumably keeping track of outstanding amounts then is an issue and separate customers may need to be set up in Sage

However, although most EPos systems will accommodate customers the majority of sales will be for cash/card etc.

Your Epos system will handle anything in/out of the till - including

  • petty cash for sandwiches
  • normal sales/refunds - categorised by credit card cash
  • etc.

At the end of the day till balancing is via a z-reading (x-reading for intra day info) and this will identify any over/under in the till. All your stock tracking (re-order etc) will done in the EPos system so the only things that need to be fired at sage are

  • Daily takings - split between Net & VAT
  • Summary of 'On Account' customer transactions by customer (if required)

Don't forget an over/unders account to reconcile the difference between the z-reading and what is actually banked

This will allow each days takings to be recorded in Sage with the ability to reconcile back to the EPos system to identify individual transactions & the overall over/under position for the day

It may be possible to get a csv file out of the EPos system for loading to Sage - but with only one shop (set of figures) manual entry shouldn't be an issue

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...Sage and retail small shop    1 thanks

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Depending on the version of Sage 50 that you are using and your exact requirements, you could possibly make use of the Cash Register option within Sage 50. I am not sure when this option was brought into Sage 50 but I know that it is in Sage 50 2011. Look within the Help files for Cash Sales and then choose Recording Cash Till Takings for a full explanation.

If you need any further input, please email me at [email protected] or call me on 0845 8800767

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Importing EPOS data into Sage using Excel

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Depending on your EPOS system, you can get exports of not just the daily sales but also stock sold, purchases made, credit customer sales, ..

Some companies prefer importing this information into Sage 50 as it allows them to have more useful management information (e.g. by importing daily sales into a 'Till 1' customer account as a product sale, they get the turnover with the corresponding product cost of sale and stock activity). It is also possible to capture 'member' details during the sale in a 'club' environment and import this into Sage 50 to enable 'member acitivity' analysis to be carried out.

The easiest way to import such data (and many other data types) is using Excel2Sage which is currently being promoted via [email protected] at the Excel2Sage link.

If you need any further information or queries, please email me at [email protected]

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Sage is not the ideal solution for a retail business

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As you can see from the other postings Sage is not the ideal solution for a retail business.

If you would like to look at an alternative our CounterBooks product ( is designed around the cash flow in retail with a simple to use interface to input a cash reconciliation each day.

Although designed for ease of use by a non accountant it provides all the functionality required by accountancy professionals.

The system operates over the internet and in most cases the shop manager would enter daily sales information, purchase invoices and banking information at the site with an accountancy professional completing a month end finalisation including a check of the data entered and any correction journals entered.

The CounterBooks-Team :)



Sage sounds useful

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I have an agricultural retail store. Now if only I can come up with an inventory system that will enable me to manage multiple branches and delegate some of the tasks to other people, that would really be awesome. 


Finance Australia

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