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There is a great history of sledging in cricket (when it doesn't get out of hand and in need of moderating!), so what are your favourite examples? My personal favourite (apart from the obvious biscuit-related one) was when Nasser Hussian was batting against Australia and Steve Waugh told Ricky Ponting to field at silly point "I want you right under his nose" at which point Aussie wicketkeeper Ian Healy says "That could be anywhere within a 3 mile radius!". A laughing Hussain was out 3 balls later.



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I thought this was going to be a discussion on snow-type sledging - albeit a little early in the year. So what exactly is it in cricket?

And do they still wear the pjs to play in or have they gone back to traditional whites by now?

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Had to Google myself

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Sledging 63 up, 4 down
  Sledging or "Mental Disintergration" as it is also known is the tactic of talking to players on the opposition side (particularily batsmen, as taking on a whole team in the field is never a good idea) with the objective of destroying either their concentration or their confidence/self esteem. Sledging is practised in a large way by the Australian Cricket Team, but most International teams partake in sledging. Sledging can be merely an opposition player talking constantly to the batsman, but has mostly become known as players swearing and questioning their lineage. 

This was quoted as an example:

Glenn McGrath to Eddie Brandes
GM: "Oi Brandes why are you so fat?"
EB: "Because everytime I s**g your wife she gives me a biscuit"


Live and learn

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You learn something new every day.... Cheers Old Greying One


My favourite

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David Lloyd tells a story from his umpiring days of a game between Somerset and Glamorgan.

Glamorgan's up and coming fast bowler, Greg Thomas, was bowling at Viv Richards who was struggling repeatedly to make contact with the ball.

After one particular delivery, Thomas told Richards, "The ball's small, round and red,"  and goes away to bowl his next one.

BANG!!! Richards hits it straight over the bowler's head, out of the ground and into the river beside Somerset's ground.

Richards looked at the bowler and drawled, "You know what it looks like, you better go find it!"




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An example

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Here's an example of a (admittedly very poor) sledge which doesn't have the intended result -

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