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Sort account by date (or other columns) - is it possible?

All the accounts in my VT seem to be sorted in ascending date order.

Whereas for my reconciliation purposes it would be better if they were sorted in descending order.

I can't find any obvious way of doing this - is there a way?

Also can you sort on other fields?

Thank you, gurus!

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Not that I am aware of

ShirleyM | | Permalink

With VT it is so very simple and quick to 'copy all', and paste into Excel. Once in Excel you can sort on any single, or multiple, columns. Find the transactions you are looking for, note the date and transaction ref, and then you can easily find them in VT.

Sorting in VT would be better

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It would be much better though to be able to sort columns in VT (&/or filter) without the need to export to Excel. Dare I suggest that this is one area where Sage is better than VT.

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Not for me

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I love the way VT can open various windows at the same time, and if you update one it automatically updates the others.

Sage isn't a patch on VT for ease of use and although I do use Sage (when forced) I get annoyed at it's lack of flexibility.

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