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I am sure I am not alone with having certain words that I can't type correctly first time.

My main achilles heel is a simple little word, "the". I spend half my life correcting it from the "teh" that spills out the blur that are my fingers as they dance a quick step over the keyboard.

I always seem to miss shift when typing "i" too!


Waht I can never get right

BKD | | Permalink

is the word 'waht'

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because .... and capitals    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I always seem to get 'becuase' and my capitals are almost always lower case as I must hit the shift key but let go before I enter the first letter.

I can sympathise with teh, too.

My favourite phrase is that, on some days, my brain isn't connected to my fingers! Or should I say most days????

But it doesn't matter .... our brains sort out the mess that our fingers make :)

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Me too!

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I also do 'teh' and 'nad' instead of 'and' (which always makes me smile, sorry).

Bizarrely, I also always add a 'g' every time I type reckon!  I don't know why.  I'm getting better at not doing it, but it's just really weird. I know how it is spelt for crying out loud!

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It drives me mad...

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...when I'm typing out a message and there's somebody watching me as I do it. My motor skills take a dive bomb and what comes out is inevitably a stream of unpunctuated gibberish. I guess this means that, for me, any typo is enough to set me raging!

On the other side, there's nothing I love more when using a keyboard than finding a word that I can type with just one hand. "Stewardess" is my record.

Typing with one hand

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I'm still stuck typing with one finger & thumb (thumb for just the space bar)!

teh is one of mine too. I also have problems with my name sometimes and hit the letter next to the last letter by mistake - one day I won't notice in time and someone is going to think that I'm soooo dim :)

Is that the best you can do?

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Henry Osadzinski wrote:

On the other side, there's nothing I love more when using a keyboard than finding a word that I can type with just one hand. "Stewardess" is my record.

I can beat that - "Stewardesses" ;)

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That's what all the wiggly lines are for on Word

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I remember once writing up a business plan at about 2.30 in the morning and after an extensive period of two finger typing looking at the keyboard as a normal person would I then looked up at the screen to see green and red wiggly lines almost everywhere.

That means time for bed.


The, dear, and, are my usual bugbears but really any word with u,i or o in it can get any combination of these letters inserted as my clumsy fingers stab in that general direction.

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The number of times...

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

... I have miss spelled 'accountant' by getting the c and the o the wrong way round...  Not one you want to happen in polite society......


Also, for reasons I never understand fully, I can't type 'ratio' without automatically hitting 'n' at the end!

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That reminds me.    2 thanks

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Used to act for a flower trader at New Covent Garden, he bought from a Turkish supplier.

Much mirth was had from the letter that read "we explain to you your account" - the "o" was missing in the actual version! (although, may be not... ;o) )

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Reminds me of a CV I once received ....

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Why this guy approached us for a job I will never know because he hadn't any experience, but he did list lots of IT qualifications and experience, and ended his CV with ....

....as you can see, I am very computer illiterate .....

I was almost tempted to interview him ;)

Drifting slightly into literalism ... I think I am prone to this as I do find myself reading what it says on the tin .... and taking it literally. It causes hilarity in the office at times.

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Oh - there's loads!

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My worst seems to be 'Revenue' - bit of a shame given my job! Also partner - I am incapable of typing that right - or even well enough for the spellcheck to suggest a suitable word. And, like Flash, I type my own name wrong regularly - usually with the result that spellcheck offers 'Catty' - hmmmmm.

Oh - and not to forget form and from - whcih spellcheck doesn't pick up, of course!

I could go on and on.....


AKA Catty!

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Shirley ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... if you don't read Terry Pratchett you should.

He is a world class exponent of literal interpretation

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ShirleyM | | Permalink

I've just checked my Ebooks and I have loads of Terry Pratchett books, as yet unread. Can you recommend one or two for starters?

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Is it fate, or just weird????

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I have just been looking down my list of Terry Pratchett books and there is a short story titled 'Troll Bridge'.

It goes to the top of my 'must read' list :)

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davidwinch | | Permalink

There is another word I often get wring

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Deliberate typo

stepurhan | | Permalink

Is the grocer's apostrophe in the thread title a deliberate typo? :-P

teh is a big problem of mine. Not sure about any others off the top of my head. However, I do have an interesting story from a friend of mine which shows you can't trust auto-correct to sort out these mistakes.

He worked in tech support at the time and a customer with whom he got on quite well had a problem that was proving tricky to resolve. Having finally hit upon what he was sure was the right solution, he was going to send an e-mail that ended with the sentence "If that doesn't work, you can give my boss a whack". At least, that was the intention. Unfortunately he spelt the last word "wack" and auto-correct went to work. Fortunately he spotted the unnecessarily rude alternative it had chosen before hitting send.

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I'm sorry, but

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

I was using the ' to replace "graphical error", was I wrong ?

I couldn't be bothered with typographical errors

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Shirley ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... all TP is good and can be read in isolation, but really you should start at the begining with "The Colour of Magic"!

(but the best ones have the witches in) 

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Typos - when did th always have an e?

MrsCaptin | | Permalink

Hi guys & Shirley!

Have been following aw for years but unable to comment before now as only had access to work's (I know that apostrophe is correct!) computer and not allowed to contribute to forums - finally got own access.

Back on topic:

I am unable to type any word ending in th without putting an e on the end - withe anyone?

Hope to be able to contribute more.


PS. Due to lack of access did not know about Time Out - great discussion group - need to keep occupied when on hold to HMRC!!

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Discworld series?

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I've got 36 books in that series, 11 books in Sword of Truth series and quite a few more besides. They should keep me going for quite a while :)

Thanks for the tip.

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Hi MrsCaptin

ShirleyM | | Permalink

If you have a sense of humour you will fit right in :)

Don't be put off by OGA's glare, or my frying pan ... if you get into trouble Flash Gordon will come along to save you. 

Is the piccy you? It looks like a man in the piccy, or are you displaying your humour early and you are really a fellah?

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Start at the start(!), it's all good (in the hood).  I'd love to say my most read book is something like Les Miserable, or Great Expectations, but it is Jingo (followed by Jurrasic Park lol).

Long may TP write!  In fact my pc reminded me this morning that 'Snuff' is out in a few weeks!!!!!

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Thanks Constantly

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I have a way to go before I get to Jingo, as that is No 21, but I'm already looking forward to reading them (currently reading John Wyndham - Stowaway to Mars).

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My most read is ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

Frank Herbert's Dune, but the 7 Harry Potters are rapidly catching up (must stop spiking the office coffee with polyjuice potion - lol!)

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Yep - Go Granny Weatherwax.

Democratus | | Permalink

She rocks.

Terry Pratchett - if you don't laugh out loud then you are dead.

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My son has a teacher called Mr Diamond ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... I have been trying for years to get him to have all the other pupils say "he shines" in hushed awe filled tones everytime one of the others says the teacher's name!

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