We need feedback on our Case Study: The brutal honest truth about your accounting website



After conducting our survey on what clients like and dislike on an accountant's website, we decided to do a case a study on one of them. We asked the survey pool for the brutal honest truth on how they really felt about accounting sites. We then came up with ways to fix the problem.

I love the feedback we get from this group, and was wondering if you could come up with ways to improve our future studies. We need honest feed back on our short comings and our strengths.


Additional Details:

Survey Pool: Americans - 158 (3rd party survey takers looking for accountants)

Testing Organaization: 3rd party online solution

Demographic: Ages 18-65; Income $10k-150k; geographically variable within the United States

Tested: 8 times; result percentages very similar

Statistically Significant: Winner always won by more than 5% to account for 5% statistical error.


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