Welcome to the new AccountingWEB site | AccountingWEB

Welcome to the new AccountingWEB site

If you have any feedback on the new AccountingWEB site that launched on 2 August please feel free to share your thoughts. We're interested in all your opinions so please do let us know what works and what doesn't. Any faults with the new site can also be reported or you can email any issues to our member services team.


Big improvement

neiltonks | | Permalink

In general I find the new site fast and easy to navigate - a big improvement on its predecessor.

The ‘My account’ page has a few issues:

  • It asks for only Last Name, there’s nowhere to put your first name but the ‘find other members’ search has a ‘first name’ field so presumably it ought to be possible to enter this.
  • Company turnover needs to either not be mandatory or have a ‘not saying’ option. People don’t necessarily want (or may not be allowed) to disclose this.
  • The page asks you to confirm that you accept the terms and conditions but these can’t be viewed because the link is broken.
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Thank you

jennyhowell | | Permalink

Thanks for the feedback and for reporting those issues. I've let our technical team know so they can lok at them and fix as appropriate.

Many thanks


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hate the flashing adverts

taxwriter | | Permalink

Although I was one of the early users of accountingweb back in 1996 I have stayed away for many years due to the horrible moving/ flashing adverts. I have given the new new a chance but it fails at the first hurdle.


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alan.rolfe | | Permalink

I like the new AccountingWeb, but wonder if you can incorporate a button to bring up a printable version of a page (exc. adverts, etc.) or, better still, a print-to-PDF button.

I struggle with external print-to-pdf functions as they cannot capture the webpage, as a login is needed to see all content, which they cannot do.

Otherwise the first impression is good.

Disappeared My Library Syndrome


Pending a response to yesterday's e-m to Becky Midgley & Jenny Ogden are we all suffering from this problem? Even a full site search on My Library gets nowhere.

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Jump to most recent comment

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Not a major disaster, but this feature doesn't work if the last posting was made by somebody you have on your ignore list.

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Still don't like the dicussions home page

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

It is a serious retrograde step not having the table showing the date and time of the last post on each group on the home page, I think many othere like me esed to just sweep down the list to see if worth looking in the group.

Could you at least date/time stamp the latest posts columns shown to the right of the groups?

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Just goes to show

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

I think you got favoured treatment there OGA - the home page now shows date and time of last reply - and I don't like it. I preferred the one day two day etc as I never know the date!!!

Old Greying Accountant's picture

Ah no, done false again ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... but at least not Shirley this time.

I preferred the one day, two day method, but that is just on each individual group, I want that on the group index so I don't have to go in and out the groups to see if anything has changed, I waste too much time on AW anyway!

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My new content

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

Having a page to go to which shows you new content is great. There is an option to pick all new content since last visit, not just threads you have participated in. but it is only there when there is new content specific to you. plus could it register since last login not last logout as i often leave the site open when distracted by work so lose the extra bits in the middle

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