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19 month Accounting Period

Hi All

I have just started using Quickbooks as a client had purchased it.  His first accounting period is 19 Months, April 1st 2010 through to September 30th 2011.  When I set up the company, I obviously had a start date of April 1st, but my accounting period ends September 30th.  I have posted all transactions up to April 2011 and wondered, if I change the accounting year end date now, to 30th September, will that mean my future years will be correct? 

I can't get my head round it, especially as, rather than Sage, Quickbooks looks like it doesn't need rolling over to the next year.  The Accountants never seem to get back to me, even though it was their idea about the 19 month period.  I don't know why they just didn't change the year end!

Your thoughts, as always, would be very much appreciated.


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19 months or 18 months?

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"I don't know why they just didn't change the year end!"

Don't you think they did?

No, they went from a

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No, they went from a Partnership to Ltd company!

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You need

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two sets of accounts

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