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3 Tips avoid drag scrolling to copy down, instant table autofilters



I am not clear whether I should have used the blog or this space.


Anyway I hope it is of interest and I am interested to read similar tips as I bring myself up to date with Excel and learn Excel for PC.

Powerpivot is what I want to learn next so I am about to read the thread about it.



The VBA language contains a number of functions that you can use

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David Carter has written numerous articles on PT. You can find them on this forum. IMO, it is not that difficult to learn and use PT. Pivot 2010 has some powerful futures. PTs are largely designed for organising and summarising data. There are many excel experts on this forum.  Trust me; I have learned and still learning from these experts. I know many of them, but as some of use screen names and do not know their real names, it would be disrespect not to mention all of them.

I am now learning VBA which is the ultimate crown of excel- Thanks again to this forum for their tips and direction.

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thanks for that, I just need to emphasise

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and should have made a better job of it: it is  P o w e r Pivot I want to learn next; though since that post I have started, it's very interesting indeed.

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