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5 Business Intelligence Must Haves

We are asking all our customers to scratch their heads and come up with 5 bits of information that they would like to see from Exchequer about their business 24/7.

So What would that look like for you?

Please post them here.

What are the 5 key snapshots that would make a difference if you had them instantly available?

If you could have 5 key bits of business intelligence from Exchequer what would they be?

Why are we asking? There is a lot of talk about business inteligence or BI these days. We would like to know what are the real drivers for the real world beyond the hype of what we are told are the things we need to know about our business!

What do other Exchequer think are the key things?




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This is a great question - for a business I manage, sales for the week is the only figure I really monitor.

Of course, everyone will have different requirements, and I am curious as to just how many different "top 5's" there will be.



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Thanks Brent,

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Thanks Brent,


By email I got this from a customer:-


1.       Sales year to date v same period previous year.

2.       GP year to date v same period previous year.

3.       Debtors  v Creditors

4.       Web shop sales year to date v same period previous year.

5.       Sales split by cost centre v same period last year.

These are a few things I look at and could mostly be done as % increase or decrease on previous year.

The exception to this being number 3 which would have to be two  total figures

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Perhaps I should have said we are developing a FREE app to deliver BI information to Exchequer customers.

That really is FREE and we want to gather some sort of consensus about what would be useful.

It may be hard to believe in Exchequer World, but FREE really does mean FREE here.


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BI not for accountants?

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Perhaps I should be asking another question?

What do you want to be alerted to from Iris Exchequer?

There must be at least 5 things you need to know or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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Another Customer fed back

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Not had much joy from the group here, are you all dead?


Another customer sent the following:

"Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.


1.       Accurate information relating to converted quotes and lost quotes. Exchequer does not have the ability to generate reports with this information readily available

2.       It isn’t intelligence as such, but we would very much like to be able to integrate Act with Exchequer as this would save a lot of time, at the moment we are duplicating a lot on info

3.       We have to run several reports each month that Exchequer can’t manage because of the different currencies we work in, so we have to export these reports to excel and then edit them from there

4.       We also struggle with the returns module on exchequer I don’t know if this is something Peter uses, but when you process returns it often messes with the stock valuation figure and the reports are no help at all I am afraid

That is all I have at the moment and I hope that they might be of some use to you"

Clearly barking up the wrong tree, but I am a determined soul, so will continue to feedback what we get from our customers on this subject. At least Brent is interested!!

It is is quite interesting to see the perspectives of business people over accountants. Just as we get the government we deserve we get the software we deserve if we don't talk about what we want!!

Who listens to customers anyway? We do!

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