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64-8 paper version, pdf onscreen completion

Not a huge point, but ...

If you try to complete the paper 64-8 on-screen for tax credits from the link:


then the box for completing the NI No of the principal claimant is broken (cannot enter final digit) - as of today's date 15 Feb 2012.

Shame that you cannot type in the joint claimant's name at all, but that is separate point perhaps.

Shame that you cannot save the completed form as a PDF document, otherwise than printing a hard copy and then scanning it (which then makes it non-editable and about 10 times the file size).

Yes, these are very small issues, but I have an idea:

I understand that HMRC were charged somewhere in the region of £400K by its third party contractor for last changing this form.  May I suggest claiming a refund?  On a quantum meruit basis, I suggest a claim for £395K should be just and reasonable.  Will go a small way toward my kids' education (as DMU are at pains to point out to some of our slower clients).



Rather than printing out and scanning

pauljohnston | | Permalink

us a pdf printer driver such as pdffactory.  This will create a pdf of the original document and it will be a lot smaller.  HOwever you still need to get a client to sign it....

Might as well print out the blank and fill in with pen.

Forbes software has a 64-8 included within it and this makes completion of the form much easier.


Jimlad | | Permalink

You are right - the printing and scanning is superfluous.  Sorry, the third complaint doesn't apply.  Both cutepdf and pdf995 seem to work OK on a completed 64-8.  I am sure that there are other forms that cannot be done that way, but I may be thinking of Companies House forms.

Filling them in with pen is not appropriate.  They get emailed to clients for printing, signing and returning, so an electronic record of sorts is still required.

Doesn't address the first two issues in the OP, of course.

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64-8 completion of pdf online

AnnaKournikovas... | | Permalink

yes jimlad. But you can, apparently make up your own version of a 64-8. I'll upload you  some examples if you like.

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