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Accountants: Do you use Social Media?

We were hoping to get a better understanding of how and why accountants use social media.

How often do you use it?

Which form of social media do you prefer to use; LinkedIn or Twitter?

If you are interested in what networks your peers are using, we have created an article on the BlueEyed Digital Marketing blog.

Read more about it here

We look forward to a good discussion!

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Articles on Accoutingweb

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I and others have written plenty here on the subject. Practiceweb have just published their survey on the topic including my independent commentary

There's also loads on my bookmarklee blog

Bottom line is that it works for some accountants who have clear objectives, niche offerings and who have not been suckered in by the hype which too often focuses on the wrong results.

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Social media usage

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A recent study of business social media usage showed that 57% of small businesses utilise social media to support their marketing efforts. Most commonly businesses engaged with social media to increase brand awareness. Twitter


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Just started a Twitter

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Just started a Twitter account. Hoping I can learn a bit from it.

Follow me @johnlharris65 and give me a tweet!

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