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Accountants, Where to advertise their firms

Dear All,

Can you please tell me where can I advertise my firm to gain more clients. Is advertising through Google really helps based on the No of clicks etc? Is their any other cost effective option available out there or any other cost effective advertising strategy?



Best Wishes

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This Might Seem Like A Cop Out But ...    1 thanks

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The best Marketing activities to undertake are those that work for you!

You need a Marketing strategy that integrates many online and offline activities.  You need to be getting enquiries from people who need a new Accountant now, and from those who might well be interested at some point in the future.  This strategy may or may not include advertising.  Let's assume it does.

The best place to advertise is most likely to be where your ideal clients will see it.  So, if you specialise in doing the accounts for farmers, you might test adverts in Farmers Weekly for example.  I am just going to have to assume your advert has a fantastic headline, is full of "What's in it for me" for the reader, has a compelling call to action that is simple to take, and collects contact details in exchange for something of value.

Advertising through Google may well work - it does for a large number of businesses - but the same principles apply.  Select keywords and display network choices that ensure your adverts get seen by your ideal clients.

And the number of clicks is not the primary metric of interest.  You need conversions - people doing what you wanted them to do after they've clicked.  Cost per conversion is your measure of cost effectiveness.

So test and measure; do more of what works and stop doing what doesn't; and keep trying to beat your best performance  Oh and don't neglect your existing clients either!

I hope this helps.

David Winch

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Thanks David, Much

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Thanks David, Much Appreciated. 

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You can choose your clients

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Any marketing can help you choose the clients you want to work with.  Please don't take anybody with a pulse and a wallet.  They might be a pain in the proverbial.

Firstly, do you focus on your local area or are you not bothered where they come from?  As David suggests are there any niche industries or sectors that you already work well with?  Have a look at your current client list and sort them into their various niches.  Find out if any of them would love to give you a testimonial of any sort.  You can use Linked In to help you with that.

Do you have a particular size of organisation that you work best with?  You don't want to pay to attract corporates if you can't give them the service they demand.  You don't want to attract one person bands if your cost structures and skill sets are geared towards bigger clients.

Do you specialise in one key aspect of accounting like interesting tax schemes or IR35 or whatever it is?  Do you have something new and interesting to say that their current accountant hasn't bothered to talk to them about yet like the new rules for PAYE?

Google Adwords is just one medium for marketing.  Before you decide on the medium you need to work out who you want to talk to and what they want to hear about.  Have a look at my PAYDAY Programme as it might help you think this through

A couple of things about Google.  Unless you only have one niche and one thing to say please don't just have one campaign.  Have at least one for every niche and then one for each subject you want to talk to that niche about.

Once you have worked out your campaigns then make sure you have specific landing pages on your site that they are go straight to when they click.  Please don't just send them to your home page.  They won't find what they wanted to know and they will leave.  Please put a call to action on your landing page and as David says ask them for their contact information in order to qualify.  Please don't ask them to fill in loads of other questions on your form at this stage as they won't bother and leave.

In Google you can set a geographic distance from your post code so that adverts can be placed locally.  You can also set the times of the day and the days of the week so if you think people in the evening or at weekends are just doing research and aren't that serious then you can avoid paying for their clicks.  Conversely, you can also set up different ads for evenings and weekends to attract an audience in a different mood.  For example "Do you like doing your own books every evening?"

Google Adwords is very measurable and you can tie the campaigns in with Google Analytics.  When you first set up campaigns get somebody to quickly check how much you are spending about once an hour for the first day.  If it is going well reduce the checking to twice a day and then as it settles down you can have a look once a week or when Google reminds you to check things.

You can set a small budget but if it is very low Google will rarely show your ads.  If you concentrate on key phrases with several very relevant words you will be able to be number one on the page even with a relatively small cost per click.  If you choose popular phrases your ads may get shown more often but will be further down the pecking order or will cost a lot more to bring to the top.

One of the great things about Google Adwords and other pay per click is that you can pause the campaign at any time if you are too busy or on holiday or staff are off sick.  You don't want to pay to attract people only so you can show them really poor slow service.

Whilst we're on pay per click you should also have a look at Linked In's pay per Click and maybe even facebook's version.  One of the clever things about the facebook pay per click is that they are now indexing people's conversations.  So, if somebody is talking about problems with their accountant or their books your ad will be placed on their page just at the time that they are thinking about that subject.  That could be quite powerful.

If you would like to chat it through further please call me on 07903 655 169.  Whatever you choose to do I wish you luck and would love to hear how you get on.

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The first rule is "who am I targetting" .

The second rule is "what is my message" .

Now look at how much and where to spend it

Building a good local brand is where you probably need to start if you are appealing to the local SME and tax returns etc. Be very wary of Google Adwords.

Websites are a supporting act for accountancy firms as the nature of the business is very much on personality   and face to face contact.

It is a learning process and there will be trial and error.

Good luck


PS Don't forget - an advert needs seen around 9 times before impacting


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Don't be wary, be knowledgeable

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Flying Scotsman, you make it sound like Google Adwords should never be approached, even using a sterilised and disinfectant impregnated bargepole.

Sure, you can waste bucketloads of cash if you don't now what you're doing, but it's a great tool to have in your toolbox when you do.  Ditto pay-per-click advertising on LinkeIn;  Pay-per-click is excellent on Facebook too, but conceivably less suited to a local Accountant seeking new SME client.  But who knows until @hham12 tests it!

@hham12, you can always PM me to find out more about getting good at it.

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