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Accounts to be submitted under iXBRL format for a parent company of a large group



Could some-one please confirm to me what I need to submit under iXBRL for the parent company of a large group? The parent company and consolidated accounts are completed under UK-IFRS.


Thanks for your assistance




Depends what you have

ChrisDL | | Permalink

If you have accounts for the parent company alone than I would suggest submitting those in iXBRL. If you only have the consolidated accounts, then you need to submit them with the company's numbers and information tagged.

You would also need to submit the parent company's profit and loss account in iXBRL - this could be done as a seperate iXBRL document or as a part of the tax computation.

Thanks ChrisDL

colwoowar | | Permalink

Thanks ChrisDL


I will have a set of parent company (non consolidated) accounts available. If I can submit these to HMRC through iXBRL then I will simply do that.

As a later thought. Are cash

colwoowar | | Permalink

As a later thought. Are cash-flow statements required as part of the iXBRL submission? Or is that something I can get away without including?

Afraid so

ChrisDL | | Permalink

If the parent company has prepared a statement of cash flows  in its own accounts then you must tag it

Thanks. I was just clutching

colwoowar | | Permalink

Thanks. I was just clutching at straws, trying to reduce the work required :-)

iXBRL managed tagging services

Jayaprakash.M | | Permalink

You could consider using DataTracks' iXBRL managed tagging services. They offer a simple and easy to use pay-as-you-go iXBRL service. Visit for more information.

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