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Actuals on the budget page

My year end was August 2012, I did a final closedown in January 2013 when all the final audit adjustments were posted and agreed.

Now when I look at my budgets screen by nominal, it only shows transactions posted since the closedown i.e. January onwards, even though there are many other postings between September and January that have been coded to those accounts. Is there any way to get the budgets page to pick up these transactions and show them in the months Sept - Dec, against the relevant monthly budget?


Recalculate Period Values?

Optegra | | Permalink

Not seen this before, you could try to recalculate period values?


Make sure you do a backup first.....

·         Go to File/Maintenance

·         Select the “Check data” button

·         Take the backup as directed.

·         Select “Recalculate Period Values”.

This recalculates the monthly 'nominal buckets' 

Hope this helps


Sorry - just tried it but

amiga | | Permalink

Sorry - just tried it but nothing changed

Update - I changed to

amiga | | Permalink

Update - I changed to standard budgeting from Departmental - did a recalculate, then changed back to departmental budgeting.

All the budgets have vanished (which is ok, as they needed correcting anyway) but happily, the monthly actuals for the first 5 months have now appeared properly


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