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Address problems

We moved offices last June and despite letters and telephone conversations to PAYE and CT offices the CIS forms have been going to our old address. This has caused insufferable pressure as we often only get a very small window to file the return.

By chance I think I have now resolved this. A client e-mailed a scanned copy of the online authorisation code for their new PAYE scheme (clients normally just e-mail me the code) and I saw it said your agent @ old address at the top. I telephoned the online helpdesk and have had the address changed, so hopefully the forms will come direct in the future, and more importantly, give me sufficient time to file them. 

So if any one else is has this problem try calling the online helpdesk, 0845 60 55 999, you will need your agent PAYE reference code (Hx9999).



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ShirleyM | | Permalink

Thanks for the tip :)

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It is probably easier and

Ioan | | Permalink

It is probably easier and quicker to change adress or other details online.

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Pray tell ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... me how and I will, I have yet to find how to update my address online (I can't even see it let alone change it!).

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can see but not change

Marion Hayes | | Permalink

When you are in the self assessment and corporation tax online services there is an option at the side - about your firm.

That shows the name and address.

I can't see any way to change it though and it doesn't seem to be there in PAYE although that may be because I opted for online contact.



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As you say

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

in CIS/PAYE you can't even see your own address as agent!

As I say, it was only that the client sent me the whole letter and not just the PIN that allowed me to see the problem, despite the fact I wrote to Long Benton as prescribed the day I moved last June (2010!).

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